Armour plates for your van. Thermal barrier to heat. Ultimate protection from dents and dings. Extends the vehicle life by protecting the van metal.

Wall Liners

Armour plates to protect your bare metal van.

Protecting your van from… dents, damage, road noise, the sun, the cold, condensation, and more. These side-panel protecters are industry-leading, field-proven, precision-fit to your exact vehicle, Legend’s wall liners protect fleet vans across all industries.

Wall liners provide a protective barrier for the thin, metal walls in your vehicle. They act as a shield against damage from everyday use such as cargo, tools, and equipment that may be transported in the vehicle.
They also also create a barrier between your cargo and the never-ending wall cavities, so things like small packages, envelopes, and tools, don’t get lost forever.

Due to their extreme durability, they maximize the lifespan and increase the resale value of your vehicle. When it comes to get a new vehicle, the original metal walls will be good as new!

duratherm ceiling liner kit

Ceiling Liners

Thermal barrier to cool down the cargo space.

The is a vital component to heat mitigation and thermal management in your vehicle.

Legend Ceiling Liners create a “thermal barrier” between the cargo space and the van metal panels, which are prone to extreme temperatures due to being so thin, whether that be cold or hot.

Ceiling Liners are often overlooked because they don’t seem important. However, these are arguably the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to insulating the vehicle, deadening noise, and the overal completion of a protected, professional van upfit.

Door Liners

The final frontier of panel protection.

Protect the sheet metal or the glass in the window cavities from moving objects inside the van that could cause potential damage such as dents or broken windows.

Legend Door Liners are made from the same durable material as the Wall Liner, and add extra protection, premium insulation, and sound deadening in the vehicle.

Available in white and grey in color, Legend has these door liners available for most cargo vans on the market.


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Yes, our products are designed to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your van, keeping it decently cool or warm as needed.

Our panels are custom made to fit each vehicle tightly and neatly.

No, our van liners do not emit toxic gases. They are made from safe materials that ensure a healthy environment inside your van.

The thickness of our Duratherm ceiling liners is 6mm.

Yes, depending on the vehicle, we have ceiling insulation kits available for installation.

The R-value of our liners is between 4 and 6, depending on the panel and its position on the vehicle.

Yes, you can install an e-track system with our liners. Follow the manufacturer or supplier's recommendations for installation.

Contact us for more information as it depends on your van.

No, door liners are sold separately.

Our liners are available in grey, white, and black. At this stage, we are not making custom colors.

Your VIN number can help. Either run it through a decoder or send it to us and we can help. If you can measure the height of the cargo area of the van, that can also help.

Yes, our panels are pre-cut and customized to fit each brand, model, and application.

Yes, please contact customer care at Legend for a special quote on large quantities.

Yes, you can get an update on your order by reaching out to us.

Refer to the install guides to ensure proper installation. Double-check that you have the correct sill kit for your vehicle and that the liners are installed correctly, as this can affect the sill installation.

Yes, wall panels are essential as they protect the van from damage. When returning leased vehicles, this protection ensures you avoid paying for body damage. Additionally, for fleets that run their vehicles to the ground, wall panels provide critical durability and longevity.

Absolutely! Upfitters all over install their preferred shelving once the Legend floor & walls are installed. Not only are they compatible to be drilled through to secure the shelving, it’s recommended, because it gives a backing to the shelves so that no cargo or tools fall into the metal cavities and are lost forever!

Each product should include product images that show all the components. You can find these images in the product listings or on our website.

The installation time depends on the specific product, your skill level, and the van model. Please refer to our installation guides for more detailed information.

The installation time depends on the vehicle, your skill level, and the specific product. Please refer to our installation guides for more details.

Please contact customer care at Legend to arrange for a replacement.

Yes, our honeycomb-structured liner provides durable protection for your van, ensuring it remains safeguarded against various impacts and wear.

Yes, we sell individual pieces. Please contact us for assistance.

A hole saw is generally recommended for installation, however for larger quantities a punch saw can also be used.

No wiring is rerouted; everything remains inside the OEM harnesses. There may be partial cuts in some instances for the liners to accommodate the wiring.