Armour plates for your van. Thermal barrier to heat. Ultimate protection from dents and dings. Extends the vehicle life by protecting the van metal.

Wall Liners

Armour plates to protect your bare metal van.

Protecting your van from… dents, damage, road noise, the sun, the cold, condensation, and more. These side-panel protecters are industry-leading, field-proven, precision-fit to your exact vehicle, Legend’s wall liners protect fleet vans across all industries.

Wall liners provide a protective barrier for the thin, metal walls in your vehicle. They act as a shield against damage from everyday use such as cargo, tools, and equipment that may be transported in the vehicle.
They also also create a barrier between your cargo and the never-ending wall cavities, so things like small packages, envelopes, and tools, don’t get lost forever.

Due to their extreme durability, they maximize the lifespan and increase the resale value of your vehicle. When it comes to get a new vehicle, the original metal walls will be good as new!

duratherm ceiling liner kit

Ceiling Liners

Thermal barrier to cool down the cargo space.

The is a vital component to heat mitigation and thermal management in your vehicle.

Legend Ceiling Liners create a “thermal barrier” between the cargo space and the van metal panels, which are prone to extreme temperatures due to being so thin, whether that be cold or hot.

Ceiling Liners are often overlooked because they don’t seem important. However, these are arguably the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to insulating the vehicle, deadening noise, and the overal completion of a protected, professional van upfit.

Door Liners

The final frontier of panel protection.

Protect the sheet metal or the glass in the window cavities from moving objects inside the van that could cause potential damage such as dents or broken windows.

Legend Door Liners are made from the same durable material as the Wall Liner, and add extra protection, premium insulation, and sound deadening in the vehicle.

Available in white and grey in color, Legend has these door liners available for most cargo vans on the market.


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