The most touched piece of equipment in a work van. Whether it's your feet or cargo, the floor is used all day long.



No matter the van or upfit, the floor is the first piece of equipment that is installed. Legend rigid floors are industry-leading, field-proven, and are built for withstanding every-day use from all operators, tools, and cargo. Keep scrolling to explore our floors!


    Maximize operator safety by preventing slips and falls, a known risk in all work environments, with extremely grippy cargo van floors, even when wet.


    A flat, rigid, and durable floor eliminates the unevenness of the factory ribbed floor, giving an efficient, flat surface to work on.


    Maintains an excellent brand image as the base of a professional upfit. Resistant to moisture, chemical, or mildew like vinyl mats or plywood. Very easy to clean.


Heavy-Duty Rigid Floor Built for Everyday Use.

A proven leader in the cargo van floor industry, StabiliGrip has earned the trust of major fleets and OEMs across North America and Europe.

This resilient floor is a reliable choice, tailored to withstand the toughest wear and tear of the most demanding professions.

Made from 75% recycled material, StabiliGrip boasts extreme durability performance. From being impact resilient, chemical resistant, moisture resistant, and rot proof, StabiliGrip is a protective juggernaut for your van.


Lightweight No-Drill Floor for Electric Cargo Vans.

Designed for Electric Vans. Not plywood. Not heavy. No drilling into chassis floor with no-drill fastener kit included. The perfect floor for EV's. 

This extremely lightweight rigid floor is 53% lighter than plywood and produced using 75% recycled materials. The perfect fit for electric vehicles, EVOLVE maximizes vehicle battery efficiency without sacrificing protection.

Many Last-Mile, Grocery Delivery, and other urban van fleets are already using EVOLVE as their preferred rigid floor for their Electric Van.

Other Floors

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

One size doesn’t always fit all! No worries. Whether you’re looking for a more custom order, or StabiliGrip and Evolve aren’t quite the look you’re going for, we’re flexible and able to meet your companies needs.


Is the pull strength of Legend's industry-leading EVOLVE Lightweight Floor high enough to hold shelving fastened into just the floor? We did a crash test to find out just that when we put our lightweight floor to the ultimate 20G acceleration test.


The factory mat doesn’t last. It tears, rips, succumbs to moisture easily, and is not reliable for everyday on the road. Watch this story of one Legend of the Road who had the factory mat, and quickly found himself looking for something better. He came across the Legend floor and loves it!

There are a few reasons why your Legend van floor could be rattling or making noise on the road.

  1. Are the thresholds or sill plates installed correctly, or are there no d-rings installed? These are often what causes the floor to come loose and start rattling with movement.

  2. Due to the unevenness of factory floor ribs in vehicles, there are sometimes larger gaps between the bare metal and the Legend floor, which causes the floor to move and rattle. “Spacer Foam” is included with all floors that have the potential to rattle on the road. These bridge these large gaps underneath the floor. Head to our resources page to find instructions for where they should be installed.

Still need help? Contact customercare@legendfleet.com.

Yes, you can! Legend liners and floors are moisture and mildew-resistant, meaning they won’t rot or break down like a factory mat or plywood will over time with moisture. The surfaces are very easy to clean - we recommend using a cloth and water. Hear this upfitter talk about washability of Legend products and watch this technician clean the walls and comment how nice they are to clean.

StabiliGrip is a heavy-duty rigid van floor, built to withstand heavy wear and tear. It’s very reliable for working on (anti-slip surface, flat), yet has a fine grip so you can still slide skids, carts, and other cargo on. It only loses about 20% of its grip when it gets wet, whereas other floors can lose up to 80%. This floor will stay with your van until you’re done with it.

EVOLVE is a lightweight floor specifically designed to reduce payload in electric vans by reducing the weight of StabiliGrip (and similar weighted birch coated plywood floors) by 53%. EVOLVE has a little bit more give, so it’s slightly less rigid. It comes with crash-tested no-drill fasteners so you can fasten the floor and shelves to the floor, and the floor holds the fasteners in.

The h-track black joiners for putting Legend floors are packaged inside a corrugated mailing tube in the inner side of the floor box. If you still can’t find them, reach out to the Legend Customer Care Team.

While we can’t give a definitive number due to many varying factors that affect how much weight the cargo van floor can withstand, we can tell you that there are van fleets that currently use StabiliGrip which cart equipment on casters, and their specific equipment can weigh around 1 ton, others put a similar amount on pallets with success. The StabiliGrip floor is very heavy-duty, and known to be the strongest cargo van floor on the market.

Yes, you can use a silicone-based adhesive for your floor. However, for the best results and to ensure optimal performance and durability, we recommend using the glue provided by Legend. Our glue is specifically formulated to work with our flooring products, providing a secure and long-lasting bond.

We do not recommend putting any sort of anchoring system on our flooring. The L track system should be installed directly onto the van floor. If you have a special case, please contact Legend, and we can discuss a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Yes, Stabiligrip is a durable floor and will manage the constant back and forth of the casters.

Stabiligrip is a very durable floor, but we don't recommend adding surface mount D-rings to it.

Seamless floors are possible but it depends on the size of the vehicle and materials needed.

Refer to the shelving manufacturer's instructions. The installation process varies greatly based on the van type and your shelving products.

Yes, we do offer floors for dual wheel vans.

Yes, we do make floors for Transits with rear AC. Look for a ".A" suffix in the part number.

Yes, our floors are compatible with the 2018 Sprinter.

We have options with and without floor sills.

A complete upfit includes walls, ceilings, doors, wheel well covers, ceiling sills, floor sills, grab handles, upstep, motion lights, Securilock, and a van fan.

Yes, our floors meet the FMVSS302 compliance standards

Our panels are custom made to fit each vehicle tightly and neatly.

Yes, our panels are pre-cut and customized to fit each brand, model, and application.

Yes, please contact customer care at Legend for a special quote on large quantities.

Yes, you can get an update on your order by reaching out to us.

We can't recommend installing vinyl flooring over a Stabiligrip floor due to lack of testing. The decision is ultimately up to the customer.

We have liners and floors for old Ford E-series vans, but our availability of sills is limited. Please check our website to see which products are available for your specific model.

Each product should include product images that show all the components. You can find these images in the product listings or on our website.

The four sections are held together by H-track and adhesive provided with the kit. Ensure the adhesive is applied before installation to keep the sections securely in place.

Yes, you can find the install guides on our website. If you’re unable to locate the specific instructions you need, please contact Legend for assistance.

Yes, we sell sill kits separately, but not individual sills.

The best floor option depends on the weight of the pallets. Stabiligrip is a good option for heavy loads. Additionally, you may consider ArmoMat and KK Plus for added durability and support.

Yes, please reach out to customer care at Legend for assistance with returns.

Stabiligrip is a heavier and more durable flooring option, while Evolve is a lighter floor designed specifically for electric vehicles (EVs).

Foam pieces are the spacers. You can find the placement information through the installation guides on our website.


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