Vehicle entry

Enhance the durability and safeguard the high traffic sections of your van by adding the unparalleled protection offered by Legend grab handles, doorway thresholds, and sill plates. These premium accessories elevate the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle and provide a robust defence against daily wear and tear!

UpStep RS3

This revolutionary side step mechanically deploys as the door is open and closed. No electrical wiring – it’s automatic, but not electric. Superior legendary quality outlasts and outperforms fixed and electric steps alike.

Boasting almost 40 inches of non-slip resistance and advanced grip technology, the UpStep is the first-of-its-kind to fully eliminate fear of slips and falls. Thanks to a fully retractable design there is no potential for transit damage as the step stows away with the closing of your side door.

Engineered in Germany, produced in North America.

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Grab Handles

Steel handles offer maximum grip for operators with high-visibility textured yellow coating. SecuriGrip cargo van grab handles allow for easier mobility when moving equipment in and out of your van.

• Increase safety for operators reducing the risk of injury
• Increase efficiency by allowing operators to load in and out quickly/in all weather conditions
• Make brand statement with custom colour coating
(available for fleets)

Grab Handles for my van

Steel Doorway Thresholds

Maximize safety in the areas of highest traffic. Available in black or high-visibility yellow.

Made from quality 14 gauge steel and coated with durable non-slip coating, these door thresholds are much more durable and cost effective than the factory alternatives.

Thresholds for my van

Aluminium Sill Plates

Side and rear sills are used to protect the floor at the side and rear entrance to the cargo van where traffic is the highest. Made from high-grade aluminum material, these aluminum cargo van sills are good for any van application, especially when loading with a forklift and for increasing safety. A raised finish also ensures excellent grip.

Sills for my van