Industry-leading lightweight no-drill flooring for electric cargo vans.

Designed for electric vans

The EVOLVE Lightweight Floor is designed for, and being used in many of these already: Ford E-Transit, Mercedes E-Sprinter, Ram Electric ProMaster, BrightDrop Zevo 400 & 600, Rivian Electric Commercial Van.

EVOLVE Flooring represents a revolutionary leap in van flooring technology. What sets this flooring apart is its exceptional lightweight design, ensuring minimal impact on your van's overall weight while providing a durable and reliable surface. The game-changing feature lies in its installation process—EVOLVE Flooring eliminates the need for drilling into the van floor, making it a hassle-free and non-intrusive solution.

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Made of Recycled material


Exteme crash tested


Lighter than Plywood

53% lighter than Plywood

We know when it comes to EV’s that getting the most out of your battery life is top priority. In order to do that, weight comes as a valuable currency. That’s why EVOLVE flooring was specifically engineered to maintain the durability and reliability of our heavier floors, while simultaneously reducing the weight. Avoid overweight plywood flooring that drains battery life, and opt for a greener solution.

Two working professionals looking at lightweight no-drill flooring called EVOLVE, designed for EV vehicles

No drill installation

When it comes to electric vehicles, installation can be a more complicated process than usual, especially when installing van floor. Because EV’s often store lithium batteries underneath the body of the van, drilling through floors is often like playing a game of roulette. Puncturing a lithium battery can not only be an expensive replacement, but also poses serious health and safety risks. EVOLVE avoids these crises completely by using a no-drill fastener kit.

Crash Tested

Now that upfitters can't drill through the chassis floor of EV's, the responsibility of securing shelving solely relies on the installed aftermarket floor. Is the pull strength of Legend's industry-leading EVOLVE Lightweight Floor high enough though? We did a crash test to find out just that when we put our lightweight floor to the ultimate 20G acceleration test.

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