Motion Sensor Ceiling Lights

Keep it bright, even at night.

Brighten Your Day

Legend’s Motion Sensor Van Ceiling Lights allow you to work fully unobstructed day or night, regardless of the lighting conditions. These low-profile incredibly powerful LED lights recess perfectly into your van ceiling and with the help of our plug & play wiring connections, installation becomes quick and easy.

Put a Spotlight on Your Van

In contrast to conventional van ceiling lights and similar van accessories, which depend on a light switch circuit activated when the door is open, Legend's ceiling lights are equipped with motion sensors. They activate only when absolutely necessary, minimizing the risk of excessive usage that could drain the battery.

Save Your Battery


Complete Assembly System

1800 Lumens

Brighter Than Vehicle Headlights


Motion Sensor Activated

Ultra Wide Light Spread

Boasting an impressive 1800 Lumens of light output per unit (more than standard vehicle headlights), Legend’s Motion Sensor lights are among the brightest ceiling lights available anywhere. High-quality, long-lasting, European made lights.

Plug & Play, Zero Soldering

Every Legend Motion Sensor Ceiling Light comes with included Plug & Play wiring connections that make installation to vehicle power simple and pain-free. Gone are the days of needing an electrician to install lighting, Legend makes it simple for anyone to open and install the light within half an hour.

No Ceiling? No Problem

Legend offers a light bracket – available for order – that alleviates the pressure to install ceiling liners prior to installing the motion sensor van ceiling lights.

Motion Sensor Ceiling Light FAQs

There isn’t a way to reduce the sensitivity of the Legend Ceiling Lights. However, putting a small piece of electrical tape over the area of the sensor that faces the seat will reduce its sensitivity.

See the Ceiling Lights in Action