Colorado Van Upfitter declares Vans Significant to the New American Lifestyle: Recognizes Legend products as leading the charge

Vans are quickly becoming a staple in the New American Lifestyle. People want to use them for work, play, and even to live out of. It’s a new paradigm that is quickly gaining favor and picking up steam. People recognize the utility of the van and the high functionality of having a vehicle that meets the role for life on the road whether it’s work or play. It represents freedom adventure and minimalism.

For work, tradespeople and contractors have been using cargo vans from all the major manufacturers, Ford, RAM, Mercedes and GMC, for years and have come to recognize the value and smart business sense to upfit their work vans for life on the road. For upfitters like Colorado’s Volition Components, this need has shaped their business.

Adan Gonzales, co-owner of Volition, recognized what was happening early on and made plans to meet the challenge. He says, “Vans are quickly becoming a staple in the American society, people want to use them for work, for play, and what we try to do is make all those various things come together here.”

Some of the customers that Volition caters to are electricians, plumbers, anything to do with refrigeration and last-mile delivery vehicles, both electric and internal combustion (ICE). Adan and his team try to spend as much time with their customers as possible so they can get a solid handle on who they are and how they will use their van/s. Together, they come up with solutions to make their vehicles more efficient and comfortable.

These points play directly into a new movement where America is understanding the value of improving the ride for people, tradespeople and last-mile delivery. Companies and contractors alike no longer must settle for their van right off the production line. Now it’s possible to enhance and develop the experience of living and working inside a van to its greatest potential. And when that happens, suddenly your life or work becomes more of a pleasure. And that’s the goal for Volition Components.

For Volition, it doesn’t take a lot to strive toward making the road a better place for their customers. Often, it’s a simple as adding a Legend Fleet wall liner to help insulate the cargo area in colder climates, or conversely, a fuel fired air heater to keep the van warm, all the way to cabinetry to shelving. Volition has their customers covered with the options that make the enhancements they’re looking for.

Innovative solutions to common problems are not above Volition either. On one package-delivery e-vehicle for example, a problem surfaced where the van walls needed to be protected from dents via workers moving large, heavy packages in and out of the van.

As the vehicle was electric, Volition needed to ensure the strongest but lightest options were installed. Legend Fleet Econolite linings were selected for the walls and Evolve flooring was selected for its strength, grippiness, durability and like the wall liners, its light weight. Additionally, wooden slats were installed above the wall liners lengthwise down the length of the interior walls to protect from impacts.

Volition was also happy to discover that Legend was more than willing to work with some of Volitions other vendors to combine various products and assemble a complete package for their customer to put a great van together.

“Legend Fleet’s been a great partner for us,” says Gonzales. “We can always count on them to deliver on time, to deliver great product and everything’s built accurately.” Upfitter support is one of the main goals for Legend, learn how you can benefit from offering Legend and helping your own Legends of the Road customers.

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