Why are Work Vans Dying in the Field from the Ceiling Lights?

Drained batteries mean working in the darkEvery workday, tradespeople and contractors must enter and exit their vans to complete jobs successfully. Often, to save time and hassle, rear or side doors are left open for hours as the work is completed. When the work is done for the day, they close up the van, get behind the wheel, turn the key and discover the engine has died. The van interior lights left on for the day have drained the battery!

More than just an isolated incident, this scenario plays out with van lights on a regular basis. At one van operator with a fleet of vans in Southern California, on multiple occasions, techs resorted to unhooking the ceiling lights in their van’s cargo area just so the battery could be saved. As this company had to work many hours into the night, tradespeople were conducting their work without van lighting – literally in the dark.

Superior illumination in pitch black with Legend motion-sensor ceiling lightsAlmost any van accessories solution was preferable to having techs work in pitch blackness. But a viable business remedy that made sense financially was elusive. Their techs were getting frustrated by working in the dark and were resorting to using flashlights in the cargo area to do exacting work with their hands. as you can imagine, this made for a maddening and unnecessarily complicated work day when the sun went down.

Motion sensor ceiling lights provide superior illumination at night and go off automaticallyA solution lights up the night

The answer arrived in the form of Legend’s motion-activated sensor lights made specifically for work cargo vans. Their lights would go out when no movement was present, then only snap on when anyone entered the cargo area. The easy snap-in installation of their lights with no electrical wiring needed further cemented Legend accessories as a go-to solution for them, and for any van fleet operator looking to improve the ride for their engineers on the road.

Learn how a complete upfit, including interior motion-detect lights, can benefit your work day

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