Industry-leading, Heavy-duty rigid floor built for everyday use

Built for a life on the road

StabiliGrip exists as our premier flagship flooring. A proven leader in the cargo van floor industry, StabiliGrip has earned the trust of major fleets and OEMs across North America and Europe. This resilient floor is a reliable choice, tailored to withstand the toughest wear and tear of the most demanding professions. It is the flooring solution designed for professionals who require a trustworthy foundation that will confidently meet the demands of their toughest jobs.

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Made of Recycled Material


Grip Rating


Thick Composite Polyethylene

Flagship Flooring

As our most popular flooring, StabiliGrip is industry tried, tested and trusted to deliver consistent protection. This heavy-duty all-purpose flooring is used by a wide range of vocations to maximize driver safety and productivity.

Road Resilient

StabiliGrip is fully equipped to handle anything the road (or you) throws at it. Impact and puncture resistant, chemical resistant, moisture resistant and extreme temperature resistant, StabiliGrip is an all-around protective juggernaut for your van.

  • Built of ½” composite low-density polyethylene

  • Chemical resistant

  • Made from recycled materials

Superior to Plywood

Plywood has been the go-to material for lining cargo vans for a long time. It’s rigid, seems readily available and is cheap. But it’s also got a short lifecycle. Composite on the other side is robust, heavy-duty and proven to outlast and outperform plywood.

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