Steel Doorway Thresholds

High-traffic Protection

It’s no surprise that side and rear doors are the most used areas of any work van. From hauling equipment, to delivering cargo, these spaces often bear the brunt of constant use. So why wouldn’t you protect them like the rest of your van? By adding Steel Doorway Thresholds you add an extremely durable and grippy layer of protection that prevents the potential for accidental injury and damage.

Don't miss a step with Hi-vis yellow

Legend’s Steel Floor Threshold sets come in an electric yellow that makes them hard to miss – even when you have boxes stacked over your head. Our goal was to minimize the potential for injury to you and your cargo when getting in & out of your van.

Get Them For Your Van


Made of 14 Gauge Steel


Includes Rear & Side Door


Avoid Accidental Injury

Anti-slip even in the worst conditions

When properly installed, Legend Steel Doorway Thresholds make it nearly impossible to slip – even in the most unforgiving conditions. Our non-slip coating withstands snow covered boots, wet shoes and even icy shoe treads. Maximize your safety, and look good doing it.

The back of a transit van with the doors wide open revealing Legend steel doorway thresholds and grab handles. The products are alternating between various colours to show that coloring is customizable based on fleet colors.

Customizable Colorways

Legend provides an option for fleets looking to go above and beyond in their efforts to maintain brand consistency. Custom colouring – outside of the offered yellow and black – is available for large fleets.

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