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Find out how Legend works with dealerships & leasing companies, through upfitters nationally, to upgrade your delivered vehicles for your customers. Your customers will be happier with a protected and more comfortable van, and you make more money on each vehicle delivered.

We work in partnership with the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers to develop flooring and liners to make the best vans, even better. Legend are the industry leader in fleet vehicle rigid flooring, rubber mats and wall liners — and with our exclusive lightweight, recycled materials — we're here today, for the fleets of tomorrow.


Selling or leasing vans to your customers just got easier — now you can offer them the perfect uplift to suit their needs, whether they need the van for transporting goods, doing last mile delivery, providing mobile workspace or even building a rental fleet — you can offer them the perfect upfit.

We are the industry leader in rigid flooring, rubber mats and wall liners — offering specialist products for all industries, and, with our exclusive lightweight, recycled materials — we're here today, for the fleets of tomorrow.


The local upfitter you work with likely already offers Legend products! By distributing our product exclusively through our upfitters, it leaves the install in the hands of the professionals who know how to install them quickly, and lets you focus on what you do best - selling great vehicles to people.

That’s not all though. To reward you for upgrading your customer’s vans, whether they be Transit, ProMaster, Sprinter or other, we have tailor-made rebate programs to give you a piece of the pie for each vehicle you upgrade! Contact us to start making more money on each vehicle you deliver to customers.


We pride ourselves on the speed of new product development which means no matter what model you’re selling, we have van floors and liners that fit. As models change, we work with all OEM’s to make sure our products are precision-fit, with a lifetime gurantee.


    There’s nothing more convincing for your customers than seeing fully specced vans with a Legend upfit. Just say the word, and we will bring one of our many fully upfit demo vans to your dealership or location for your customer and team to touch and feel the products and meet the team.

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    We will provide your dealership with a wide range of marketing material and POS to help your team to specify and sell Legend uplifts, and our expert account managers will be on-hand to provide on-site training and off-site support as and when you need it.


    Get rewarded for every single van you deliver with Legend products in it. The more products you include, the more money you make!

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Start getting spiffed for delivering better vans.

Get rewarded for making happier customers? Yes please.

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We’ve all the models covered, with innovative products tailored to fit — and we’re always developing our range to help our upfitters keep the Legends of the Road moving.