AutoMat-Bar Rubber Mat Kit with Sills AutoMat-Bar Rubber Mat Kit with Sills sprinter van automat bar kit with sills

Transit 148" EXT


AutoMat-Bar Rubber Mat Kit with Sills | Transit 148" EXT

Non-slip, one-piece, odour-free rubber mat, exactly cut to fit your Ford Transit 148" EXT. Comes rolled in a box. Roll out and it’s installed! This part number comes with Aluminum Side & Rear Floor Sills in a separate box to complete the look and further enhance driver safety.

Available Options

  • 1 Pc


  • 1 Pc - Dual Rear Wheels


  • 1 Pc - Dual Side Doors


  • 1 Pc - OEM Door Trim


  • 1 Pc - Dual Doors and Wheel


  • 1 Pc - OEM Trim/Dual Wheels



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1/4″ thick virgin rubber compound with checker-plate bar top surface.

Ultra non-slip rubber is hardwearing and easy to clean. Flexibility and precision one-piece construction make for simple installation/removal.

Adaptable floor to be added to any vehicle where extra traction and safety is needed.

Ideal where chemicals are used as it is resistant to reactions.


The h-track black joiners for putting Legend floors are packaged inside a corrugated mailing tube in the inner side of the floor box. If you still can’t find them, reach out to the Legend Customer Care Team.

The factory mat doesn’t last. It tears, rips, succumbs to moisture easily, and is not reliable for everyday on the road. Watch this story of one Legend of the Road who had the factory mat, and quickly found himself looking for something better. He came across the Legend floor and loves it!

There are a few reasons why your Legend van floor could be rattling or making noise on the road.

  1. Are the thresholds or sill plates installed correctly, or are there no d-rings installed? These are often what causes the floor to come loose and start rattling with movement.

  2. Due to the unevenness of factory floor ribs in vehicles, there are sometimes larger gaps between the bare metal and the Legend floor, which causes the floor to move and rattle. “Spacer Foam” is included with all floors that have the potential to rattle on the road. These bridge these large gaps underneath the floor. Head to our resources page to find instructions for where they should be installed.

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Transit 148" EXT

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