UpStep RS3

This revolutionary side door step mechanically deploys as the door is open and closed! No electrical wiring – it’s automatic, but not electric. Order the UpStep tread separately, and pair it with a vehicle specific mounting kit. Individual mounting kits are required for installation and are available for Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Ram ProMaster vans. If you are unsure of compatibility with your van model please contact us to confirm.

Available Options

  • Transit Mount Kit


  • Retractable SideStep


  • Sprinter Mount Kit


  • ProMaster Mount Kit



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The first of its kind - the UpStep RS3 Mechanical Side Retracting Step for Transit, Sprinter, and ProMaster.

This Side Step is for Cargo Vans, Step for Airport Shuttle Vans, Step for Hotel Passenger Vans, Step for Elderly Passenger Vans, and more!

This revolutionary side door step mechanically deploys as the door is open and closed. No electrical wiring – it’s automatic, but not electric. Superior legendary quality outlasts and outperforms fixed and electric steps alike. The discreet yet highly functional design ensures a streamlined appearance while providing a practical solution for our Legends of the Road. With a focus on both form and function, this retractable side door step exemplifies the marriage of advanced engineering and user-friendly design in modern automotive technology.


Yes. The UpStep RS3 was originally manufactured in Germany, where it was first tested in labs and on the road over the course of many winters with last mile-delivery fleets. Now that we’ve brought the manufacturing to North America, you can best bet that it’s built for our winters too!

As for ice and snow in all those moving parts - the UpStep RS3 is specifically designed to be able to resist ice build-up by breaking it free when the step is deployed as you open the door.

No. The UpStep RS3 has premium coating that is designed to specifically resist rusting, no matter the weather conditions. This was one of the biggest concerns with some of our initial cargo van fleet clients trying this product, which is why we insisted it had to be the best coating only. Also, the bearings are plastic (tribopolymer), not metal - so these don’t corrode either.

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