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SecuriLock Van Lock

Highest security van lock to protect your van from break-ins and cargo theft. Trust us, this product was designed, tested, and now proven to work. Comes with high security keys, difficult to replicate. The hardened steel, anti-cutting, anti-drilling body with zinc and nickel coating takes this bad-ass van lock to the next level. Scroll to watch real-life stories. Universal to most vans.

Available Options

  • Slamlock Single Lock


  • Slamlock Double Lock


  • Slamlock Triple Lock


  • Deadlock Single Lock


  • Deadlock Double Lock


  • Deadlock Triple Lock



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The highest security van lock for cargo vans.

Featuring a hardened steel, anti-cutting, anti-drilling body with a weatherproof zinc and nickel coating, the Legend SecuriLock Van lock was designed, and tested, to be proven to protect your cargo van no matter what tools criminals try to break in. With high-security keys which are extremely difficult to replicate, the driver and fleet can have peace of mind knowing that goods inside their vans are safe.

This premium van lock comes in two variants - slam lock, and dead lock. The slam-lock version will lock itself shut whenever the attached door is pushed closed, and the deadlock version will do the same but can be disengaged whenever necessary. The emergency escape feature means that even if the door closes and locks you inside the vehicle, you'll be in full control with a pull of the release. 

You don’t just want to take our word for it, do you. Fair enough!

Watch this true story of a plumbing company in Washington D.C. who found the Legend lock after trying every other lock on the market for their 40+ fleet vans. Since installing the Legend SecuriLock Van Lock, not one of their vans with the lock have been successfully broken into!

Or, check out this attempted robbery in Florida. The SecuriLock stopped this robber not once, but twice. Yes there was some vehicle damage, but all of the cargo inside was saved! These locks are a deterrent, and are starting to gain a name in the industry.


The Slam Lock variant will automatically lock every time the door is slammed shut, requiring the key to be opened again. This is for high-security cargo and high-crime areas for vans that need to be locked every single time. It gives the driver peace of mind that every single time the door is closed, it’s locked.

The Dead Lock can do both. If you turn the key to the right, the lock with be disengaged and won’t lock until set back, so it doesn’t lock every time you slam the door. This version is designed for vehicles that must stay protected but are making a lot of stops in the day, such as last-mile delivery.

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Included in the SecuriLock box are all the parts needed to install the locks, including the adhesive template to stick onto your vans, all the hardware to install the locks, as well as a tube of anti-corrosive paint to apply underneath the lock during installation, reducing rust and wear.

Not included: tools to install the SecuriLock.

If you have your warranty card, you need to send a photo of the serial number on the warranty card, then new keys can immediately be made and sent for your SecuriLock Van Lock.

Puck locks are secured to the van using metal brackets from the inside of the van doors. These are easily cut through by any cutting device. Legend locks are bolted right to the van door body so there is zero access to get between the lock body and the metal van door.

Drivers also sometimes forget to put the puck back on the lock, and then lose the pucks. That becomes a large hassle for the fleet and fleet manager. The Legend SecuriLock Van Lock comes with 3 keys, all keyed alike, but unique to that specific lock set for maximum security.

As an end-user (Magnolia Plumbing) said, “The lock that I had was just a regular pad lock, well a hockey puck lock. They just sliced it and got right into the truck. We got these new Legend locks, everything has been good since then.” Another employee said “Puck locks are a joke, they shouldn’t even be selling them, we just stopped usting them”. Another commented “with these old locks (puck locks) they were just easy to get off… it probably took them less time to cut the locks than it did to move everything they took out of the van.”

On your initial install, please allow approximately an hour per door (2 hours per van). However, we recently had a distributor install our locks for a large fleet with 160 vans, and once they were rolling they got it down to 20-30 minutes per door.

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To prevent road spray, salt, and debris from getting into the keyhole, causing potential damage to the lock mechanism.

The dust cap that comes with the SecuriLock is applied by a strong adhesive, though can fall off if the lock is not fully dry, and the dust cap isn’t let set to stick for several hours.

These dust caps are very important especially in areas with winter – more moisture & salt from the roads.

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