ProMaster 159" Crew Van


EVOLVE Flooring With Sills | ProMaster 159" Crew Van

Lightweight composite van floor designed for electric vehicles (53% lighter than our StabiliGrip and standard coated plywood floors) such as the Ford E-Transit, Mercedes E-Sprinter, RAM ProMaster EV, BrightDrop, Rivian, and more. No-drill-into-chassis fasteners come so shelving and d-rings can be fastened directly into the EVOLVE floor of your RAM ProMaster 159" Crew Van, and the floor holds it without drilling into the chassis.

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53% lighter than other floors. Made of 75% recycled materials. Introducing EVOLVE, the lightweight van floor of the future. Already in hundreds of last-mile delivery vehicles!

Comes with no-drill floor fastener kit. Prevents drilling into EV chassis. This is a flooring hardware system that makes it simple for shelving to be drilled and fastened into the EVOLVE floor without penetrating the chassis floor.

Legend continues to lead in the innovation of protective cargo van products, and isn’t slowing down as the van industry revolutionizes. Legend’s all-new EVOLVE van floor takes all the requirements for a reliable van floor and turns them into a lightweight - yet still extremely robust - cargo van floor for the EV market. This floor is the perfect solution, preserving range while still protecting the floor for years to come. 

A new core design makes EVOLVE perfect for EV’s, already providing protection in electric last-mile delivery fleets. This lightweight floor has minimal effect on range and payload, while protecting the batteries under the floor.

EVOLVE is a truly sustainable product, crafted with over 75% recycled material, while production scraps are re-purposed into other van protection products.

Made from similar materials as Legend’s industry-leading StabiliGrip, this floor is extremely impact-resistant, lasting for years, unlike factory mats. Extremely anti-slip with a high co-efficient of friction, only losing a small amount of grip when wet. Fine grip allows cargo to be slid, then keeps it in place. 

EVOLVE Lightweight Floor creates a flat, reliable surface to maximize productivity on the job.


The h-track black joiners for putting Legend floors are packaged inside a corrugated mailing tube in the inner side of the floor box. If you still can’t find them, reach out to the Legend Customer Care Team.

The factory mat doesn’t last. It tears, rips, succumbs to moisture easily, and is not reliable for everyday on the road. Watch this story of one Legend of the Road who had the factory mat, and quickly found himself looking for something better. He came across the Legend floor and loves it!

StabiliGrip is a heavy-duty rigid van floor, built to withstand heavy wear and tear. It’s very reliable for working on (anti-slip surface, flat), yet has a fine grip so you can still slide skids, carts, and other cargo on. It only loses about 20% of its grip when it gets wet, whereas other floors can lose up to 80%. This floor will stay with your van until you’re done with it.

EVOLVE is a lightweight floor specifically designed to reduce payload in electric vans by reducing the weight of StabiliGrip (and similar weighted birch coated plywood floors) by 53%. EVOLVE has a little bit more give, so it’s slightly less rigid. It comes with crash-tested no-drill fasteners so you can fasten the floor and shelves to the floor, and the floor holds the fasteners in.

ProMaster 159" Crew Van

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