DuraTherm Ceiling Liner Kit DuraTherm Ceiling Liner Kit duratherm ceiling liner kit DuraTherm Ceiling Liner Kit

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DuraTherm Ceiling Liner Kit | NV Cargo

Insulated Ceiling Liner cools down the interior cargo space by creating a thermal barrier and fending off the hot sun, especially in extremely hot weather climates. Underrated, often-forgotten, yet easily the most effective product in cooling down the cargo space for operators in the back of the vehicle a lot. Comes with Aluminium Top Sills in a separate box, which bridge the gap between Wall Liners and the Ceiling to complete the look and hide wires and van cavity of your Nissan NV Cargo.

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  • LR - Textured Grey


  • LR - White


  • HR - Textured Grey


  • HR - White



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The AutoMat bar kit provides an adaptable floor to be added to any vehicle where extra traction and safety is needed.

1/4″ thick virgin rubber compound with checker-plate bar top surface.

Ultra non-slip rubber is hardwearing and easy to clean. Flexibility and precision one-piece construction make for simple installation/removal.

Ideal where chemicals are used as it is resistant to reactions. 


Yes, you can! Legend liners and floors are moisture and mildew-resistant, meaning they won’t rot or break down like a factory mat or plywood will over time with moisture. The surfaces are very easy to clean - we recommend using a cloth and water. Hear this upfitter talk about washability of Legend products and watch this technician clean the walls and comment how nice they are to clean.

Absolutely! Upfitters all over install their preferred shelving once the Legend floor & walls are installed. Not only are they compatible to be drilled through to secure the shelving, it’s recommended, because it gives a backing to the shelves so that no cargo or tools fall into the metal cavities and are lost forever!

Short Answer: Roughly R7.5.

Insulated DuraTherm itself has about an R-Value of 4.5, not installed.

When installed, the gap between the wall and the factory metal van wall contributes a further R3 rating, due to the gap between the two creating a “barrier”, providing further insulation.

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